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Our rates

ITALTRADUCTION is a responsible, professional agency. Its rates are based on two criteria: Quality and Time. It means that a normal translation will have a price; if the same translation requires an emergency the price will obviously change. Actually our translations go from translator to expert (if necessary) before being delivered. The objective is Quality. There are some cases where the client requires a fast translation without special attention to quality.This translation will have cost less.


Let's see what influences the cost

  • Topic
  • Time
  • Asseveration or/and Apostille
  • Langue combinations

What do We translate

Personal documents

  • University Documents ( Diploma, Thesis, Slides, Books, etc)
  • Personal records
  • Hereditary documents
  • Travel documents
  • Judgments
  • Wedding documents
  • Citizenship documents
  • Resume (CV)

Business records

  • Contracts
  • Financial statements
  • Brochure
  • usage forms
  • Maps
  • Menu
  • Announcements


  • Medical interpreting
  • Legal interpreting
  • Business Interpreting
  • Tourist and Events Interpreting


  • Company Videos
  • Music Videos
  • Video advertising
  • Canali di social media
  • Videos For lessons and Tutorias
  • Transcription of seminars
  • Journalist Transcript
  • Medical/scientific transcription
  • Legal transcription
  • Trascrizione per le Forze di Polizia


Our experts are available for further review of your documents for publication.

Our Fares

For translations

From 0,04 euro/Word

From 15/folder

Other services

For asseveration

Stamp: 16 euro/4pages

Charges: 10 euro

Legalization/Apostliie: 10 euro


From 20 euro/H

Extra chages for travel and Equipment if needed

For proofreading

From 0,03 euro/Word

For voluminous files we prefer dealing with the customer on the price per word and calculate the total price at the end of the work. Because our price is not based on the source text, but on the target text.

Save time and Money

If you have a company, avoid queues or asking for a quote every time. We have created detailed packages for you.


0,03 euro/word/ Up to 1000 words

  • Translation By
    Junior translator
  • Not checked by a Native speaker
  • Not great quality
  • Translation delivered in 5 working days

0,08 euro per word/1000 words

  • Translation By
    A senior Translator
  • Checked by a Native Speaker
  • Controlled by the CEO/Sworn Translator
  • Work delivered in 2/3 working days
  • Pdf copy forwarded by mail
Consegna in via mail in Pdf e copia originale via posta prioritaria

(0.12 euro a parola / 1000 parole)

  • Translation By
    A senior Translator
  • Review by a native speaker
  • Ceo Certification
  • Delivery within 24h
  • Forwarding in PDF by email
  • Original copy sent via Post